Why you must update your Garmin device?

Garmin is the best GPS device manufacturer that provides the foremost intuitive driving expertise with its latest and advanced software and hardware system. It’s quite helpful if you’ve got a dedicated GPS device installed in your vehicle.

You don’t have to worry about looking out for addresses. You only have to instruct the GPS device to search for your destination. The device shows you the simplest and most efficient route choices, depending upon your current location.

But, if you’re not keeping your Garmin updated with the newest maps and software then you won’t be able to use your device effectively. It will guide you to the incorrect location.

New roads, highways, flyovers are constructed whereas the old ones get closed. This forces businesses to change addresses. Some routes get closed whereas new ones get open. To keep its users updated with the newest changes, the company releases new maps updates quarterly.

It is quite vital to keep your Garmin totally updated so as to make the most of your GPS device. The updates facilitate in creating a fluid navigational experience. It helps the device to work without any hiccups. Thus, providing you with the foremost intuitive navigation expertise.

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Garmin issues for which you will need help

Garmin is a very rugged, refined and sophisticated device that is constructed after years of research and analysis. Each device is manufactured with very high-quality material that is built to last. But, don’t forget that it is an electronic device with many little components. They can wear off after years of usage which can make the device unusable.

In those times, you’ll need technical help to make the device work again. Our team of GPS consultants are trained to resolve any technical or non-technical device-related problems. Contact our consultants on the email support@Byzlyf.com for any problems.

  • Getting error messages on the device
  • Device not charging
  • Drivers not working properly
  • GPS unable to turn on
  • Device showing full memory despite space remaining
  • Software compatibility problems with the device

Easy steps to update the Garmin device

The company rolls out updates every few months to boost the navigation experience and keep you updated with all the changes going around. Garmin conjointly provides you updates for drivers that help to make the device work without a glitch. These updates keep away the crashes which might occur after you connect the device with the PC. The update is a simple process if you follow the instructions:

Step 1

Connect the device to the PC

The first step is to attach your GPS device with the PC via the USB cable that’s supplied with the device. Remove the device from the vehicle and then connect with the PC. Watch for the progress bar scroll. If this is the first time you have connected the device to the computer then it might take some time for the process to begin.

Step 2

Checking for available updates

Once you’ve connected the device to the PC, the GPS device will begin looking for all the available updates out there. You’ll get a pop-up window showing all the available updates. You must not overlook the drivers' updates which assist in running the software system smoothly. Keep your device connected with the PC throughout the update process.

Step 3

Accessing those updates

Click on the list of all the available updates to access those updates. There are two forms of updates: paid and free. A number of updates are free whereas most are paid. You can contact out GPS team to assist in buying the maps on our GPS Support Email Id support@Byzlyf.com

Step 4

Installing the updates

Click on the install button to install the updates in your device. Don’t disconnect the device or power off throughout the update process. Once the installation is finished, simply disconnect the device from the PC. Install the device again in your preferred vehicle. Now, you’ll ride your vehicle with all the newest maps and updates.

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